Drug Rehab

There are very few government funded drug rehabs in Alaska and there is often limited availability in the programs that do offer low cost treatment for those suffering from addiction in this rural state. With a population of more than 700 thousand people, Alaska is well aware of the problems that come with substance abuse and the need for help. This vast state that is bordered by the Yukon and the Bering Sea is the largest state by area in the entire US.

Chemical dependency and drug addiction is a major problem in Alaska but not so much as alcohol addiction tends to be. While there are other more invasive problems in the state, drug addiction treatment is still a necessary means of care for the thousands of residents in the state who suffer from addiction to prescription medications, methamphetamine or other substances.

The close proximity of Alaska to the Pacific Rim and it’s neighboring border to Canada make this state and primary shipment point for many controlled substances that are making their way into the continental US. Alaska has the highest per capita incident of alcoholism, suicide and rape in the US and many of these incidents are the direct result of substance abuse.

Fortunately, there are Alaska drug rehab centers that can help. Those who are addicted to drugs in Alaska can get counseling, therapy and treatment for their addiction with hopes of getting well. Recovery programs, though limited in the state, can provide patients with the foundation necessary to facilitate successful growth in recovery. Drug rehab centers in Alaska provide treatment for an estimated 7,000 or more patients each year and while this is a rather large number, there is definitely room for improvement as there are still thousands who suffer from addiction and need help.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, we can connect you with Alaska drug rehab centers that will provide effective treatment and care that is suitable to your needs. Call to speak with a counselor about your addiction and for help finding local treatment in Alaska.

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